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Parassault oo8 // Video
Safehouses, immediately!

[There is screaming in the background.]

Yes, sir, I am well aware, but the building is made of wood and you must take cover in a safer location than-

[The feed cuts out for a few minutes, jarring a bit, then goes to video. Alexia is sopping wet, and the edges of her coat are smoking.]

While I appreciate a warm fire in the dead of winter, I would not have chosen to use the city as kindling. What's worse, the library is currently on fire.

If there are means to save it, something must be done quickly.

Parassault oo7 // Video
Yeah no.
Now that the library has been categorized, alphabetized and put back into some semblance of reasonable order-

It has come to my attention that there are very few books.

If you have checked out any items, please be informed that the universal due date is one week from now. December the third.

Renewals will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Parassault oo6 // Video
It seems that no one is currently inhabiting the library. I have found a small apartment inside. Would someone be kind enough to confirm it is not being u-

[Annnd there is a creak behind her. Another creak. Alexia turns back to watch one of the giant shelves beginning to teeter over. With a low sound she jumps back, attempting to avoid the falling wood and books.

Of course, she's in a corner. With a gasp she wrenches open a door -- it seems to be a supply room -- and throws herself bodily inside.

For a few moments the feed is completely dark, and then she picks it up, showing a sideways view of the top of the giant shelf completely blocking the narrow doorway. There is a narrow space at the top, but surely not enough room for her to squeeze through.]

One moment, please-

[She approaches the shelf and gives it a mighty shove- only for it not to budge. She tries again. And again. And again.



Parassault oo5 // Video
Yeah no.
This is the way all horror novels begin.

Fog, cold, cryptic words from an old tombstone, and restlessness.

Parassault oo4 // Video
What is the opinion on scars?

Parassault oo3 // Video
The moon looks nearly full. And the supernatural eccentricities seem to be back.

[She considers, thoughtfully- but ever blunt, is this particular Victorian spinster.]

Are the werewolves present without clavigers? If so, how is the "full moon inconvenience" handled?

Parassault oo2 // Video
[Alexia has spent most of the past week either working through the library, or casing the network for likely suspects. At the moment she is in the sunny kitchen, looking quite gravely serious.]

Suppose this effect did last permanently.

Exactly how inconvenienced would everyone find themselves? And to what lengths would you go to restore your abilities?

Beyond that, would anyone be in possession of the ability to make treacle tart?

Parassault oo1 // Video
[There is a very pronounced rustle of taffeta skirts and ivory satin, followed by a huff of a rather perturbed lady. The accent that comes forth is upper-crust London, make no mistake.]

Of all the bothers. To wake up in the middle of some -- some wasteland! How very unnecessary and inefficient. One must hope, if one is kidnapped, to have the comfort of it being done by professionals.

[She pauses, getting a better grip on a sturdy parasol -- one with what appears to be a brass buckshot at the tip. After another few moments of pondering and searching about, she picks up the PCD, giving a much better shot of her face. Coffee-colored skin, dark eyebrows and eyes, a very full mouth and a somewhat large nose.

Both angular eyebrows lift upwards as she begins to tweak the knobs and buttons, looking quite fascinated with it.

Ladies and gentleman, Alexia Tarabotti.]

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