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Alexia Tarabotti

Preternatural. Homo Exanimus. Soulless.

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Name Alexia Tarabotti
Age // 26
Gender // Female
Occupation // Spinster
Heritage // English/Italian
Nationality // English
BUR Classification // Preternatural

Application || Contact/Plotting/HMD || Permissions/On Preternaturals
“She was the type of woman who, if thrown into a briar patch, would start to tidy it up by stripping off all the thorns.”

Pragmatic, self-sufficient, headstrong, possessed of a sharp tongue and an extraordinary capacity for being blunt, Alexia is an unlikely sort of heroine who is largely unconcerned or mildly annoyed with the frequent silliness of those around her. She has a dry wit, tends to be sarcastic and suspicious, and has a complete and utter lack of an imagination. She gesticulates and “talks with her hands” and how she holds her eyebrows is often a good indicator of her mood.

Though she’s a reliable sort in a crisis (being mostly of a mind that most ails are helped by a splash of cider vinegar) and utterly calm under pressure (the death threats are both tiresome and rude), Alexia is also invariably stubborn and is much quicker to become annoyed or angry than be upset or feel wounded. She often handles problems with a smart whack with her parasol, or by taking them apart verbally. She despises wallowing and overdramatic emotional outbursts, which makes her seem unsympathetic at times.

As a proper Victorian lady, Alexia cannot abide rudeness and introductions especially must be observed. Alexia’s prime passion is scientific advancement and discovery. Though she is not a scientist herself, she is forever upending libraries and picking the brains of any intelligent person she comes across. New inventions and discoveries will always attract her attention and respect.

Beyond reading, another of Alexia’s interests is food, and a well-laid table or an excellent tea often go quite a ways to improving her opinion of a person as well as her mood.
Alexia Tarabotti is a roleplayed character written by monday_is_fired for adstringendum, a multi-fandom RPG.

The character Alexia Tarabotti is a product of Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series, Orbit Books, and Yen Press. This journal and the content thereof is fanmade, and no profit is happening.

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